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Ep 27: Are These Retirement Statistics Encouraging or Discouraging?

Math doesn’t lie, but can these retirement numbers be misleading? Women have less saved than men, while disturbing this isn’t necessarily surprising. Experts are estimating you need $1.04 million to retire comfortably. Assigning a dollar amount goal for retirement is difficult because everyone’s experience is significantly different.

On today’s episode, we are going to break down some recent retirement statistics and whether we think they are encouraging or disturbing, and what we can personally learn from these facts. How do these numbers impact your retirement planning journey?

What we discuss on the show:

1:01 – Almost Memorial Day

1:33 – Women have less saved

8:03 – Needing $1.04 million

10:47 – 55% of retirees will continue working

12:08 – 25% of Americans increased savings

14:23 – 70 million people are taking Social Security

16:33 – Retirees spend an average of $6,600 on healthcare

18:19 – Do you some clients ignore parts of their plan?

“Women find they don’t get the attention or the education, that they need or want and that then leads to not saving for retirement.” – Shari Rash


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