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Ep 28: Top 6 Financial Debates: Which Side Do You Agree With?

When planning for retirement there are a lot of opinions and voices to listen to. Which side of the aisle should you follow? Many times, the “right answer” is going to depend on your own situation and plan.

Some think you always need to sell the house before retirement. But if paying off your house is hurting the rest of your financial plan, you may need to bring that mortgage into retirement.

A lot of people assume you don’t need life insurance once your kids are grown and out of the house, but life insurance can leave a legacy and take care of a retired spouse if something were to happen to you. On today’s episode, join us as we break down 6 financial debates on annuities, tax brackets, and more. Which side do you agree with?

What we discuss on the show:

1:18 – Sell the house before retirement

3:54 – Talk it through with your advisor

5:39 – You don’t need life insurance after retirement

8:24 – Annuities are a rip off!

12:20 – You’ll be in a lower tax bracket in retirement

15:14 – You should never use credit cards

17:42 – Start Social Security as soon as possible

“Sometimes there are benefits to waiting to pay off your home, and that could be tax wise mainly. Or are you focusing so much on paying off your home that you’re not saving?” – Shari Rash

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