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Ep 47: Financial Spring Cleaning – Keep Your Finances Organized

Spring has officially sprung, so in the spirit of the season we are going share some financial spring-cleaning tips in today’s episode. Getting organized and eliminating clutter in your finances not only feels great but can oftentimes uncover hidden expenses that you have forgotten about and can help you reevaluate your financial goals.

From organizing your documents to reviewing the subscriptions and policies you’re paying for each year, taking intentional time to declutter and evaluate your expenses is a critical part of financial planning. Join Shari in this motivating episode about staying on top of your finances.

Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode:

  • Organize your documents and accounts to eliminate clutter and avoid unnecessary charges. (1:42)
  • Look at your subscriptions and evaluate if they are still needed (4:31)
  • Looking at what insurance you have and how much it cost. (7:07)
  • Reconsider your tax withholdings based on previous tax years. (7:48)
  • Automate your savings to pay your future self. (10:10)
  • Does your financial plan still align with your current and future goals? (11:55)

If you’re ready to start putting off your financial planning, we make it easy to set up a time to meet and have that first appointment. Visit our online calendar here to begin.

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