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Financial Advisor Helping Parents Prepare to Pay for College

We are a Fiduciary Financial Advisory firm working virtually with families to help relieve the burden of paying for college. 


Secure your and your children’s financial future today with a trusted financial partner.

Can I afford to pay for my children’s education without hurting my retirement?

Should I take loans to cover my kids’ education if I am still paying off my college loans?

How can I support my children’s education and set my kids up for success without compromising my financial situation?

As a Financial Advisor helping parents prepare to pay for college, we understand your struggles and we are here to help. 

Financial Advisor Paying for College Young Families

Are you putting off saving for retirement to pay for your kids’ college?

If you’re planning to take out loans or pay for your children’s education, be it partially or entirely, you might be wondering if it puts your own retirement savings at risk—and if you should do it.

With college tuition fees rising exponentially, more and more families are struggling to navigate the financial landscape while protecting their and their kids’ futures.

Your circumstances are unique and so should the advice you get regarding paying for your children’s college.

At Greenway Wealth Advisory, we work with families just like yours to help them support their children while also securing their own retirement.

Should I take a loan for my kids’ education if I’m still paying off my own student loan?

Looking at tuition fees and student expenses can be painful and scary, and often, the only solution families see is to take out more loans… even if they’re still paying off their own student debts.

After all, you want to give your child the very best chance, right?

As a parent, you have a responsibility not just to your children but to yourself as well.

Protect your financial future while also helping set up your children’s ones by working with a financial advisor with experience aligned with your specific circumstances.

Financial Advisor Helping Families Pay for College

Wouldn't it be great if you could work with a Financial Advisor that helps parents prepare to pay for college?

Financial Money Coaching for Families

You need to find a trusted resource that puts your interests first, is not motivated by commissions, can understand your financial challenges and goals.

Someone who can help you create a strategy to have confidence in your financial future and make money simple.

You need a Financial Coach.

A Financial Coach can help you navigate the challenges of families preparing to pay for college and provide information and solutions that are customized for you and easy to implement.

As parents preparing to pay for college, what are your most pressing questions?

  • How much am I willing to contribute to my kids’ education?
  • Should I take out loans to help them out even though I’m still paying off my student loans?
  • Am I setting up my child for financial failure if they graduate with student loans?
  • Am I hurting my retirement if I redirect all my savings from my retirement to my children’s education?
  • Should I put my retirement on hold to pay for my kids’ college?
  • How much longer would I have to work if I pay for my children’s ?

We are not your father’s financial advisory firm.

Greenway Wealth Advisory is a Financial Advisor helping parents prepare to pay for college.

We are different, because our clients deserve better.

Fiduciary Financial Advisor Helping Parents Prepare to Pay for College

A Fiduciary is an advisor that sits on the same side of the table as you do. They provide you advice and guidance, not just products.

Why work with a Fiduciary Financial Advisor?

✔  Your best interests are put first

✔  Avoid or disclose conflicts of interest

✔  Must provide accurate and thorough advice

✔ Not motivated by commissions

✔ Transparent cost and fee schedule

✔ Not affiliated with specific product companies

Virtual Financial Advisor Helping Parents Prepare to Pay for College

We work with families virtually. A Virtual Advisor makes meeting and talking about finances much more convenient.  The past couple of years have shown us that technology, in some ways, makes life much easier. We do our grocery shopping online and our doctors, therapists and personal trainers or coaches are now accessible through an online meeting. 

What was once a trip across town and a couple of hours spent in the car, is now a 30-minute Zoom meeting. A brief interruption in your day versus a total disruption. Talking about money is uncomfortable enough, isn’t it preferable to do it from the comfort of your home, or on your lunch hour?

Why work with a Virtual Advisor?

✔  Meet from the comfort of your home, office, car

✔  Save time not fighting traffic or looking for parking

✔  No need to hire a babysitter

✔  Meetings can be held with spouses or partners in different locations

✔  Schedule meetings on your schedule, across time zones

✔  Lower overhead cost for us, which is passed onto our clients

10 Financial Essentials to Help Families Build a Strong Financial Foundation

Financial Essentials for Young Families

There are financial basics that we were never (but should have been!) taught in school. Financial Foundations helps families create a strong financial foundation that enables them to build wealth upon. From “How much should I have in an emergency fund,” to “How much life insurance should I have?” Having a strong financial foundation is essential because without it, a surprise expense, a tax bill, a home repair can send you into debt.

We are a Financial Advisory firm that works with many types of families.

Every family is unique and has unique needs. Through Financial Coaching, our clients work through their Financial Essentials so that they can sleep more soundly at night. 

Millennial Families

Younger Families

One Income Families

Overwhelmed Families

Dual Income Families

Families with children going to college

Families with children in daycare

Take care of your children's and your own financial future with a trusted Fiduciary Financial Advisor who understands your needs and circumstances.

Prepare for a better financial future today.