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Talking about Money Shouldn’t be Taboo

Women need a place to feel comfortable talking about their money. 

You need an advisor who asks the right questions, understands you and your needs, and works with your goals in mind.


Although millennial women are busting the glass ceiling, old habits die hard. Millennial mothers are still facing the challenges of generations before and struggling to find balance between their career and family responsibilities.

But, millennial women are empowering themselves by declaring their financial independence! This change from older generations is due to increased workforce participation, inheritance and technology.

Being self-sufficient financially is a goal most millennial women want to achieve. Goal setting is an excellent starting point for millennial women to gain control of their finances.

Are you ready to empower yourself and take charge of your financial life? If so, talk to Shari.

Gen X Women

Gen X women are known as the Sandwich generation. They have the responsibility of taking care of their children and aging parents. They are looking for a financial roadmap and for help developing their financial skills.

Staggering college loans, for tuitions of both the Gen Xers and their kids, are hampering their ability to save. The median household savings for Gen Xers are less than half of boomers. 

As you are busy leading your life, you don’t have time to step back and say: “What is the financial cost of what I’m doing?”

Women over 50 want reassurance that they will not run out of money or be a burden on their families.

Let us help you get that reassurance. Talk to Shari.

Boomer Women

Women have a complicated relationship with money. It often begins with a confidence gap when it comes to investing and managing money.

Boomers have seen a lot of change when it comes to societal ideas of women and money. They have seen women paid less for the same work and likely remember a time when women were unable to open a credit card without a man. It makes sense that Boomer Women are consistently less confident than men about being able to achieve their key long-term financial goals. 

Let’s also look at the future for Boomer Women. As a sex, women have higher long-term care costs because they live longer than men. That means they need save more to last longer.

Ready to get financially confident? Talk to Shari.