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Ep 10: Mind the Gaps in Retirement Planning

Financial planning always has to account for possible gaps in someone’s retirement. Sometimes financial gaps can be uncomfortable to speak about like having to plan for long term care. Or perhaps you are thinking of retiring early but you may not be eligible to receive Social Security or Medicare just yet. In either case, addressing these gaps before they occur will be the best way to keep your retirement plan on track. Today, Shari is reviewing some of these gaps you may face in the future and what you should do about them now.

What we discuss on the show:

0:49 How is Shari?

2:10 – What is ‘Mind the gap’?

2:50 The paycheck gap

4:38 – Thinking of retiring early?

6:22 – Covering yourself medically

8:35 – The inflation gap

11:45 – Long term care gap

14:44 – The widow or widower’s gap


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