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Ep 17: 22 Money Resolutions for 2022 Part 2

We are continuing our 22 money resolutions for 2022 today. Have you checked your credit lately? It’s a quick and easy process. Now might be the best time to audit your subscriptions by printing out your credit card report. Are you thinking about taxes? Don’t wait until tax season to start planning. Join us for our last episode of the year as we discuss these resolutions and more!

What we discuss on the show:

1:08 – A few days before Christmas!

2:17 – Check your credit

2:57 – Check your fees

4:02 – Share your knowledge

5:26 – Donation opportunities

6:08 – Review your tax brackets

7:17 – Think about a Roth conversion

8:39 – Update your paycheck withholdings

9:41 – Rebalance your portfolio

11:24 – Plan out your transition strategy

13:24 – Consolidate your accounts

14:43 – Listen to more episodes!

“If you work with someone, a great advisor, or picked up some helpful financial tips share the wealth… Money does not have to be taboo…” – Shari Rash


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