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Ep 19: How Do You Say It?

There are a lot of terms and terminology surrounding the financial industry that can be confusing. So, on today’s episode, we are going to break down some of these terms and what they mean to you and your financial plan. Depending on where you are in the country there can be different terms for the same product or strategy. You don’t want regional linguistic differences to confuse you when it comes to your retirement plan.

Do you know what a junk bond is versus a high yield bond? Do you say stocks or equities? High yield bonds may sound better, but they are the same thing! Don’t let names or common sayings overwhelm you and don’t be afraid to ask your advisor questions when you need to. We’ll have some fun on today’s episode and see how linguistics are a little different around the country. How do you say it?

What we discuss on the show:

1:26 – Tennis shoes or sneakers?

2:37 – Junk bond or high-yield bond?

5:56 – Fireflies or lightning bugs?

6:38 – Stocks or equities?

7:55 – Financial advisor or financial planner?

9:36 – Clients or customers?

11:29 – Water fountain or drinking fountain?

12:38 – Soda or pop?

12:50 – Market correction or market crash?

“Don’t feel like you should know every single version of the same thing. If you don’t know what a high yield bond is… ask what it is!” – Shari Rash


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