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Ep 29: Advisor Red Flags

Many people have been DIYing their retirement plans over the past decade and have done fairly well. But with new market volatility, a lot of people are looking for an advisor to help them through this turbulent time. What red flags do you need to be aware of? And what are some signs an advisor is the right fit?

If an advisor seems to work with all types of clients, they may not have the specialty or time to dedicate to your needs. It’s certainly something to be aware of. If they are only giving you the good news, instead of the realistic news, you may want to consider what they’re not telling you. On today’s episode, we’ll break down some red flags to be aware of when shopping around for a new advisor.

What we discuss on the show:

0:56 – Looking for red flags

2:30 – Working with all clients

5:01 – Only good news

7:11 – Too much jargon

8:37 – Can they explain it?

10:00 – Too much certainty

11:30 – All they do is talk

“To me the issue is when they don’t specialize… Retirement income planning is very different than retirement accumulation planning. If a 30 year old is just looking to accumulate wealth it’s a very different strategy than a 63 year old looking to retire in a couple of years.”

– Shari Rash

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