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Ep 30: How to Survive a Bear Market

What’s the key to surviving a bear market, whether you are in retirement or you are preparing for retirement? A dip in the market may seem scary but it can be an opportunity for investors as well.

Surviving a bear market is all about balance and avoiding emotional decision-making that can harm your portfolio. An advisor helps remove the emotion from investing, let’s not let our emotions guide our decisions. With the looming possibility of a recession there’s a lot of advice floating around out there, who should you be listening to?

What we discuss on the show:

1:40 – Bear market is an opportunity for long-term investors

3:57 – Be aware of emotional decisions

6:22 – Do not change your 401(k) allocation

9:15 – Deciding to do nothing can be a great strategy

10:39 – If you find yourself in a hole stop digging

12:41 – Who should you listen to?

“If you look at it with a glass half full perspective, investments are cheap right now. There are definitely buying opportunities if you’ve had cash on the sidelines, it’s a great time to get in.”

– Shari Rash

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