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Ep 35: The Psychological Side of Retirement

We always talk about the money side of financial and retirement planning. But what about the mental aspect of that big life change? Today we’ll break down an article written by a Licensed Professional Counselor (Kate Schroeder) for Psychology Today, titled The Psychological Investment In Retirement.

Listen to learn about the frequently overlooked struggle that comes with retirement. We will cover how you can prepare yourself for retirement with a purpose and what you can do to make the transition from your career into retirement a little easier.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Our careers tend to be a large part of our identities, so finding meaning in retirement is important. (3:12)
  • Some retirees become very stressed about the lack of structure during their day and here is what you can do to prepare for that. (9:01)
  • It is common to delay retirement as it approaches, not because of insufficient funds, but because of emotional unpreparedness. (13:05)
  • Why Shari talks about the emotional side of retirement with each of her clients. (14:18)

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