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A Financial Advisor Working Hard to Enhance Your Life, Financial Plans and Family’s Future

Greenway Wealth Advisory helps you find a clear path forward to the life you want.

Congestion on the roads, an endless to-do list, family, friends, an inbox that never clears…all you want is just a little space to catch your breath.

With everything going on right now, it’s no wonder making plans for the future, especially financial plans, is so difficult. 

At Greenway Wealth we build plans focused on your vision of the future.

A solid financial plan will help you find the breathing room you’ve been craving. With over 13 years of experience in the industry, we’ve helped thousands of people just like you plan wisely so you can keep more of your money and enjoy the peace and security having a plan brings.


Enjoy Your Success and Find Your Way Forward to Worry-Free Living

Committed to meeting all your financial planning needs.

The process is simple —


Design your plan:

We get to know you, your finances and your goals so we can build a customized path to get you there.

Make it happen:

With your destination in mind, we help you implement your plan and make sure your bases are covered.

Stay on track:

We meet with you regularly to review your plan—life can change, and your plan should adjust accordingly.

Once you schedule a call, you’ll have taken the first step to finding a local, personalized advisor who will ensure that your financial plans will bring you the happiness and confidence you deserve.

so we can get started.

Meet Shari Rash

Founder, Financial Advisor, Money Coach

I have known for a long time that I would become a financial advisor. I’ve always had an interest in money, which I credit to my dad. He has been educating me about money for a long as I can remember. He talked stocks and ETFs with me, and he taught me lessons when he was not even trying! He addressed topics likes paying cash for items versus using a credit card, and how buying a drink when you are out is a waste of money. “Swallow your spit” is what I was told! Being a financial advisor and money coach has been ingrained in me, and my passion for money and helping people make smart financial decisions is my focus.

When I was 14, my parents told me to get a job. “If you like buying stuff, you need to get a job to pay for it.” So, I became a “toast girl” at 14. I worked in the kitchen of a popular seafood restaurant in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, and on Saturday and Sunday mornings in the summer, I would make toast (and waffles). I took so much pride in my toast, I made sure it wasn’t too dark, and the butter was spread just right. Not only did I get paid an hourly wage, but the waitresses also tipped me! I made so much money that summer, I would come home with fistfuls of crumpled up $5 and $1 bills. I know my parents were not expecting my little summer job to be as lucrative as it turned out to be. And yes, I bought lots of stuff (and saved a decent amount too) that summer.

The next summer I was promoted to breakfast and lunch server, and I continued waitressing throughout college. For many years, after every shift, I would take home my tips and separate them into two piles: spending money and savings money. I understood the importance of striking a balance between the two. I believe life is for living and money is a tool to get you where you want to be. But if you do not know how to use that tool appropriately, it is useless.

I started college at Temple University in Philadelphia as a Journalism major. I wanted to be a news reader on the nightly news. I sought to educate the public on events in our world. I started to realize, however, that my dreams were a little antiquated since news reading does not exist as much in the 21st century like it did decades earlier. Professors laughed at my desire to eliminate my Jersey accent too.  Feeling a bit lost, I went back to my foundation and what I have always had an interest in: money and serving people. I dabbled briefly with accounting and ended up in finance with the goal of becoming a financial advisor.

After college, I obtained my Series 6, 63 and life and health licenses and I started working for a firm in Philadelphia. To my shock, clients were not knocking down the door to have me help them with their money! Believe it or not, many people were not comfortable with a 23-year-old, recent college graduate managing their life savings.

About a year after graduation, I started working for Prudential Annuities. At Prudential, I educated advisors on the annuity products offered and helped them to select appropriate solutions for their clients. I was still helping clients but doing so through the financial advisor. By talking to advisors, I learned how they were running their businesses, but also the challenges they and their clients face and how to best serve their clientele. After a promotion, I started traveling to see financial advisors, meeting them in their offices, doing case development and meeting with their clients to explain our products, answer their questions and give them confidence in their financial decision making. Nearly six years later, with dozens of states travelled and hundreds of advisors served, I was promoted to a Regional Vice President position with CLS Investments.

As the financial services industry was making a shift from commission products to fee-based solutions for clients, so did I. CLS Investments is a third party money manager that handles investment portfolios utilizing Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), mutual funds and individual stocks on a fee arrangement. At CLS, I obtained my Series 65 license and travelled within an eight-state territory educating advisors on why being a fiduciary for their clients is in everyone’s best interest and how to work with a third party money manager and how to pick the best solutions for their clients.

After spending six more years on the road, hundreds of nights in a hotel room, and thousands of miles in an airplane, I came back to a decade-old dream: becoming a financial advisor and having my own firm. I wanted to take the knowledge I obtained from other advisors and realize the desire I always had inside of me.  From that, Greenway Wealth Advisory was created. It is a financial planning firm that understands how every person, family and situation is different and needs unique solutions to fit all needs. I believe in goals-based planning which considers a client’s financial goals, lifestyle, health, retirement age, desired legacy they want to leave and more.

Over time, veteran financial advisors, knowing my experience, professionalism, and passion to help people, turned the care-taking role for their clients over to me and Greenway Wealth Advisory. Having the trust of my fellow financial advisors to assume that role with their clients who they had served for decades is one of the greatest honors I have experienced.

During my 12 years traveling, educating advisors, and helping them find investment solutions for their clients, I became married to my husband Joe, moved from New Jersey to Maryland to northern Virginia and had four children, two of them being fraternal twins. I enjoy teaching my older daughters about money. They come to work with me and want to understand what I do. My oldest asks a lot of questions and is more responsible with money than most young adults!

During the summer, you can still catch me at the Jersey Shore, and on most weekends, I am at my daughters’ various sporting events.

If you were to talk to my clients about why they work with me, they would say I’m helpful, approachable, trustworthy, candid and skilled. I work hard to make sure they understand and are comfortable with their financial decisions. My clients would say that they count on me to have regular reviews, check-in calls, educational e-mails and newsletters and a fiduciary to act in their best interest. Any new client that steps into my office can expect to have an identical experience with me.

“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business and your business in your heart.”

Thomas J. Watson