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Turning Income into Wealth

Where are you today? And where do you want to go?

We pride ourselves in taking the complex and making it simple.

If you have ever watched a home being built, you know there is a step-by-step process which must be followed. You know what the house is going to look like in the final stage, but it is a lengthy process to get to the end result. There is a step-by-step process that can not be rushed and the steps must be followed in sequential order. Trying to rearrange the order of the steps is a waste of time, money, effort and materials. 

 To begin, a foundation can not be poured if the ground is not level. The drywall can not be installed if the house is not framed and the roof is incomplete. Interior fixtures may be chosen at the beginning of the process, but not installed until the end. And, planting shrubbery during excavation sounds comical. 

Think of your finances like building a house. You may know what you want the end result to be, but first you need to identify and execute the steps to get there. 

 When meeting with clients, they sometimes ask me when they are able to retire, or if they can purchase a vacation property based on the amount of money they earn and have saved. But, they don’t have a handle on their debt or have an emergency fund. That’s like trying to install a roof before pouring a foundation. 

Beautiful white colonial

A foundation is one of the most important parts of your home. It is the base on which your home stands. You certainly would not want to use cheap and ineffective materials to rush the installation. The foundation needs to be dry and free of any cracks. It also needs to be inspected before proceeding with the next steps. 

Your finances should be no different. We have heard the saying, “It was a house of cards.” This refers to someone’s financial situation crumbling down because of one mistake. A house of cards doesn’t have a strong foundation, so one wrong move can ruin everything. 

When working with clients, I must first ensure they have a strong financial foundation. How can I tell someone they are able to retire if I don’t know they are swimming in debt? Which is why, in my process, I start every new client on the Financial Foundations program. Like building a house, Financial Foundations is a step-by-step process to ensure you have a strong financial foundation in which to build your wealth. We can create the action steps to get you there. 

After the house’s foundation is set and solid, you can move onto the second and third steps in the building process — framing and installing the roof. This is our Money Intentions program.


In Money Intentions, we start to design your financial life. You will determine three financial objectives to focus on and together, we will design a plan to achieve those objectives. Just like framing a house and installing a roof makes your home an actuality, the Money Intentions program helps your goals become a reality. 

For the final steps of the home building process (after the wiring and plumbing are installed), it is time to move onto the drywall, flooring, paint and finishes. There are a lot of significant parts in the process, but this is where everything starts to come together. In the financial world, this is like comprehensive financial planning and our Income to Wealth Coaching program. Anything money related or just simple money matters, which are part of your life, is something we need to talk about, make a plan for and implement those final steps to build your wealth. Just like a home is designed with your aesthetic in mind, the Income to Wealth Coaching program is designed to keep your values, goals and future desires in mind. 

Home under construction

The services which Greenway Wealth Advisory offers build upon one another.

So first, like pouring a foundation for a home, we are going to ensure you have a strong Financial Foundation, with no cracks. Then once the foundation is complete, we move onto your Money Intentions, like building the walls and installing the roof of your home. Then, once you are ready, and just like the final touches on a home such as the fixtures, flooring, and paint, we enter the Income to Wealth Coaching program to fit your taste and design. 

Financial Foundations

Do you need to know if you are doing the right things, financially? Small missteps today can create large issues in the future. Without a strong financial foundation, it can all be a deck of cards. Financial Foundations takes you through our 10 Financial Essentials and gives you an objective, unemotional evaluation on where you are now and steps to take for the future. Having a strong Financial Foundation is necessary to build wealth.

Our two 45 minutes sessions together will look at 10 Financial Essentials, evaluate your current status and create action steps to implement.


Money Intentions

Do you have specific burning questions that you need guidance on? You work hard for your money, you now need to have the strategies in place to turn that income into wealth. Our Money Intentions program focuses on three client specified financial objectives. You will receive customized advice and recommendations to achieve desired outcomes. In addition to the three client specified focus points, you will also have your 10 Financial Essentials evaluated and action steps implemented.

Money Intentions consists of three 60 minute sessions over 60 days.


Income to Wealth

Do you want help with everything and anything that has to do with your money? A Comprehensive Financial Plan considers everything in your life with a dollar sign (net worth analysis, retirement planning and projection, Social Security evaluation, investment evaluation, tax planning, real estate evaluation, education savings and cost projection, insurance and estate planning). The cornerstone of a financial plan is a thorough discovery of your goals, values and future desires. 

Our Income to Wealth coaching process consists of four to six meetings over the course of six months. 


A la carte Financial Planning Services:

Household’s Financial Mission Statement

A Financial Mission Statement is the guiding light for a person or couple to navigate through life’s financial decisions. A mission statement is a tool to ensure you focus on the things that really matter, a driving force for you to define who you want to be and what you want to achieve and equip you to live with financial intention.


401k Allocation Advice

Have your current 401k or 403b’s investment options analyzed, receive personalized portfolio allocations based on risk tolerance and investment goals, receive reallocation notifications and annual reviews. 

$500 annually

greenway wealth advisory logo green retirement planning in Great Falls

Retirement Income Plan

Retirement Income Planning should start five years before your desired retirement date. In retirement, you are now responsible for paying yourself. Your account needs to transition from accumulation to decumulation while also protecting you against the three risks of retirement: sequence of returns risk, inflation risk and longevity risk. This service positions your assets for retirement income.


Retirement Blueprint

Are you within 5 years of retirement? Do you have a retirement date in mind but no idea on what your retirement is going to look like? You may need a Retirement Blueprint. A Retirement Blueprint is a plan for your retirement, your money and your golden years. A Retirement Blueprint consists of: Financial Foundations, Retirement Income Bucket Plan, Social Security Analysis, Tax Freedom Checklist, Pension Evaluation, Portfolio MRI and two meetings to get your Blueprint established.

$1,500 (includes cost of Financial Foundations)


(Available for clients who have enrolled in a Greenway Wealth Advisory Financial Planning Program.)
Two 60 minute meetings a year to review previous financial plans, make sure you’re on track and evaluate and plan for new financial objectives. 

$600 annually

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