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About the podcast.

Join financial advisor and money coach Shari Rash each episode as she helps breakdown financial and retirement challenges facing today’s women and their families. Shari will share insider secrets about women & money and show you ways to enhance your life, financial plans, your family’s future, and make sure you’re Money Chic!

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Episode Show Notes

Ep 45: Four Ways The SECURE Act 2.0 Might Impact You

Listen to today’s episode to see what you need to know and learn four ways the new changes might impact you. This won’t cover everything because there are more than 90 provisions in the SECURE Act 2.0, but this should give you some planning opportunities to discuss with your advisor the next time you meet.

Ep 44: Top Tax Questions for Retirees in 2023

On today’s episode, we’ll break down the top tax questions retirees are asking in 2023. Before you file your 2022 taxes and plan ahead for the rest of the year, make sure to listen to this episode as we’ll discuss some important tax questions that retirees should ask themselves to ensure they’re making the most of their retirement savings and minimizing their tax burden.

Ep 41: Financial Resolutions for 2023

In this episode, we will be discussing an interesting article that polled men and women to gauge their goals and mindset for the next year. Despite the impacts of inflation, we feel that there are solutions and ways to set achievable goals tailored to your individual circumstance. Listen to the episode to learn some of our tips to set yourself up for a successful financial resolution in 2023.

Ep 40: Five 401(k) Mistakes to Avoid

Saving in your 401(k) can be an easy and painless way to build your retirement savings. But because it’s so easy and painless, it can also be easy to ignore for long periods of time, which often leads to mistakes.