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About the podcast.

Join financial advisor and money coach Shari Rash each episode as she helps breakdown financial and retirement challenges facing today’s women and their families. Shari will share insider secrets about women & money and show you ways to enhance your life, financial plans, your family’s future, and make sure you’re Money Chic!

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Episode Show Notes

Ep 32: Going Against The Grain

On today’s show, we’re going to peel back the curtain to discuss some areas where a good financial advisor’s opinions might go against the grain with mainstream ideas in the industry.

Ep 31: Breaking Down the EARN Act

A recent article from The Hill, breaks down the potential EARN Act working its way through our government right now. Sort of like a Secure Act 2.0, the EARN Act could change essential things about retirement planning.

Ep 30: How to Survive a Bear Market

What’s the key to surviving a bear market, whether you are in retirement or you are preparing for retirement? A dip in the market may seem scary but it can be an opportunity for investors as well.

Ep 29: Advisor Red Flags

Many people have been DIYing their retirement plan over the past decade and have done fairly well. But with new market voaltility, a lot of people are looking for an advisor to help them through this turbulent time. What red flags do you need to be aware of?

Ep 26: The Countdown to Retirement

As you approach retirement there are some major things, you’ll want to cross off your to-do list. Not only do you need to think about your financial future, but your physical health as well. We work so hard to save for retirement we want you to be able to enjoy it.

Ep 24: Understanding Financial Jargon

I am a fiduciary. But what it means is that I am sitting on the same side of the table as you. I am not incentivized to make recommendations based on what I’m going to get paid