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Money Chic Podcast

 Confident – Healthy – Informed – Capable

That’s what it means to be Money Chic



About the podcast.

Join financial advisor and money coach Shari Rash each episode as she helps breakdown financial and retirement challenges facing today’s women and their families. Shari will share insider secrets about women & money and show you ways to enhance your life, financial plans, your family’s future, and make sure you’re Money Chic!

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Episode Show Notes

Ep 24: Understanding Financial Jargon

I am a fiduciary. But what it means is that I am sitting on the same side of the table as you. I am not incentivized to make recommendations based on what I’m going to get paid

Ep 22: Guessing at Retirement Planning

There are some things in life you can guess at. However, when it comes to retirement planning there are some things you really shouldn’t guess at. Most of us not working with an advisor may rely on guessing as a planning strategy. But what could go wrong if we do so?

Ep 19: How Do You Say It?

There are a lot of terms and terminology surrounding the financial industry that can be confusing. So, on today’s episode, we are going to break down some of these terms and what they mean to you and your financial plan.

Ep 17: 22 Money Resolutions for 2022 Part 2

We are continuing our 22 money resolutions for 2022 today. Have you checked your credit lately? It’s a quick and easy process. Now might be the best time to audit your subscriptions by printing out your credit card report. Are you thinking about taxes? Don’t wait until tax season to start planning. Join us for our last episode of the year as we discuss these resolutions and more!