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My Work  and  What I Believe In

A Financial Advisor Working Hard to Make Your Life Better. 

Greenway Wealth Advisory helps you find a clear path forward to the life you want.

Money management is not tangible and it is hard to understand the impact you are making.

Or it can be difficult to see how you’re hurting yourself with inaction.

Because financial planning is intangible, it can be hard to determine the value of working with a Financial Advisor. Also, there are so many Financial Advisors out there, what makes them different?  When working with my clients, I show them how the small steps they take make their lives better.  

My Work

  • I empower you to make wise financial decisions. 
  • I bring you solutions to help you prepare for the unexpected. 
  • I understand how you really feel about investing. 
  • I help you enter retirement with financial and emotional confidence.
  • I educate, not overwhelm.
  • I show you how to guide your children to make smart financial decisions. 
  • I provide you with a quality of life without the worry of money. 
  • I help you realize the dream of providing your children higher education. 
  • I alleviate the fear and worry of running out of money in retirement. 
  • I determine your and your partner’s money personalities.
  • I provide customized recommendations based on your money personality.
  • I help you spend your money with a smart strategy.
  • I create strategies that help my clients pay less taxes. 
  • I help my clients turn their dreams into reality. 

What I Believe In

  • I believe the value of a Financial Advisor is more than performance, but guidance, insight and experience. 
  • I believe in the financial journey, not a one time financial plan. 
  • I believe money is not taboo. 
  • I believe women should be involved in their household finances. 
  • I believe in investing for goals, not for percentages. 
  • I believe life is for living. 
  • I believe that Wealth Management doesn’t have to be overly complicated. 
  • I believe budgets are restrictive and spending advice should be more than “stop buying $5 coffees.”
  • I believe you need to save for a purpose. 
  • I believe you can have “too much” in a bank account. 
  • I believe everyone needs a financial professional in their corner.

The process is simple —

Enjoy Your Success and Find Your Way Forward to Worry-Free Living

Committed to helping you make smart financial decisions.

The process is simple —


Design your plan:

We get to know you, your finances and your goals so we can build a customized path to get you there.

Make it happen:

With your destination in mind, we help you implement your plan and make sure your bases are covered.

Stay on track:

We meet with you regularly to review your plan—life can change, and your plan should adjust accordingly.